Finally a comedy for the ladies! [Or should I say the no-so-ladylike-females] The movie of the week is a female buddy comedy that can hold it’s own against Wedding Crashers, The Hangover, and all the other bromantic comedies out there. Lead by the very funny Ms. Kristen Wiig, who also co-wrote the film, Bridesmaids is a great way to prove that us women have what it takes to be the funny ones too. Over the course of the film Wiig proves that she is not only a brilliant comedian, but that she can handle a fully three-dimentional character as well.  At first Annie seems like your average chick-flick character, down on her luck, single woman who’s best friend seems to be going off  and getting herself a perfect life. Although that is mostly true, for a nice change of pace Wiig went and created a character that is not only realistic, but relatable.

the cast of Bridesmaids

Along with the fabulous Ms. Wiig I would also like to shine the spotlight on the FANTASTIC Melissa McCarthy who gives one of the best comedic performances of the year as Megan, the sex starved, borderline man-ish, soon to be sister-in-law of Maya Rudolph’s character. Delivering some of the best lines in the movie and energizing (more than one) scene with a fearless performance as a Zach Galifianakis-esk character (I don’t think any of us) ever thought we would see her play.

Melissa McCarthy as Megan

I feel I should also take a moment to talk about Chris O’Dowd, Kristen Wiig’s love interest in the film. O’Dowd plays Rhodes the cute, Irish cop who strikes up a flirtation with Annie. Rhodes and Annie created an interesting subplot, and added (just a little) romance to this otherwise pure comedy. [Might I add that O’Dowd was the best part of the otherwise horrendous, waste of my life that was Gulliver’s Travels]

Chris O'Dowd as Rhodes

I hear tell of a lot of comparisons to The Hangover, and though I can see where these comparisons come from, in this movie junkies opinion, the is no comparison, because. . . are you ready for this movie maniacs? Bridesmaids is BETTER! This film is not only funnier, but much more satisfying. I also found the characters in this movie to be more realistic than the sometimes over the top antics of the Hangover boys.

Overall I have to say that this movie is completely worth, not only your time, but your money as well. The script is funny, the cast is fantastic and first time director, Paul Feig, more than proves himself as a filmmaker. So guys forget about Something Borrowed or Water For Elephants and take your girls to see Bridesmaids, a comedy that will have everyone laughing out loud. Now that the Movie Madness is over, the MovieJunky gives Bridesmaids, the comedy that’s masquerading as a chick-flick, with a little rom-com and a surprising amount of heart an A-


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