Daybreak, Viagra & Magic Hair

Daybreak, being the name of the show inside the movie Morning Glory, Viagra, the drug being sold by the protagonist of the movie Love and Other Drugs, and the magic hair, which is coming out of the head of Repunzel in Tangled. It’s triple threat week this week folks!

Morning Glory (D)Becky Fuller & Mike Pomeroy

Starring Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, and make no mistakes, they are the stars of the show. (Well the movie, and the show inside the movie) Now, now Rachel fans, don’t get yourselves all in a huff, I am by no means putting down Miss McAdams. I am, usually a fan of the gorgeous actress (seriously, beautiful this one, huh?) Rachel McAdams, effortlessly makes her character likeable, though unfortunately, her character’s story, is uninteresting, and has been done to death. A down on her luck, career woman with daddy issues and an undermining mother, who seeks to fulfill herself in her professional rather than her personal life. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There was a little but of an odd romance between McAdams and Patrick Wilson’s characters, but it’s hardly worth mentioning. Like I said Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are the real winners here, and the movie could have been saved if it were told through Fords perspective. In fact, Ford’s character was not only the meatiest, but the most intriguing. [Side note, Diane Keaton, talk about aging gracefully] Though, as most interesting and somewhat original characters in Hollywoodland, their characters are tragically underwritten. Overall, ‘Morning Glory’ being part Devils Wears Prada, part 27 Dresses (seriously McKenna, can you do anything else?) with a little That Girl for flavoring, unfortunately, isn’t a great movie, nothing special, harmless and to a moviejunky, actually pretty boring.

Love and Other Drugs (C) Maggie Murdock

Starring Anne Hathaway. . . I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned Anne Hathaway was the only person in this movie. (She is a phenomenal actress, and will someday soon, have that little statue we all associate with greatness.) For the most part, ‘Love and Other Drugs’ isn’t much different from all the other, sick girl, troubled young man love stories out there. In short, we’ve all seen this before. The top of the world, protagonist, who doesn’t know it yet, but his life is missing something. [Side note, was anyone else just thinking about, Award Winning Movie Trailer? Catchphrase!] The guy who can’t please his parents, but spends most of his life pleasing women (if you know what I mean).  So he (Jake Gyllenhaal by the way) takes to selling drugs (legally), which, like any other salesmen position, is really mostly about charisma. His character, meets Hathaway’s character, and at fist all is well (it’s just about sex), blah, blah, blah, they kiss and make up, the end. I felt that Maggie (Anne Hathaway) Parkinson’s was really just something for Jamie (Gyllenhaal) to get over in order to be the man we all know he could be. Which to me is tragically common for the rom-com crowd. The woman is perfect in all her imperfection and she can save the man with her quirkiness. At the end of the day, although the performances were good, and the difficulties they overcame were actually difficult, I just didn’t care enough about any of it to actually consider this movie noteworthy. The movie didn’t stick with me, or leave me wanting more, which is what a good movie should do. [Unless it’s There Will Be Blood or Inception, which have endings that really just make you say What?]

Tangled (A)

All right, finally to the good stuff. Tangled, the latest Disney movie, or should I say the first Disney (animated) movie in years. Honestly, when is the last time you saw a decent Disney Animated feature? And yes, I mean DISNEY, not Pixar. [Enchanted count?] All right, lets back up a minute here. Tangled is the first Disney Fairytale, in years. Originally Tangled was set to be something of an Enchanted-type flick, but the idea was scraped, when the producers realized, uh we’re the Disney corporation, we kind of invented the animated fairytale. Which is really eloquent way of saying, that Tangled (bad name by the way, should have stayed Repunzel) is a wonderful throwback to the old days of Disney, the Snow White days, the Cinderella, the Swan Princess days. I felt completely entranced by the story, and excited to see the characters develop. Taking the original Grimm Brothers tale and giving it that classic Disney flavor, that gives the story that light, fluffy taste we all know and love. The fun, funny, free-spirit attitude is just what animation needed and in the end made me really happy, and really, what’s a Disney movie without that little twinge of joy? Disney’s first CGI Fairytale brought the warmth and sensitivity of their hand-drawn films to CGI was a complete success and a fun, entertaining evening the whole family can enjoy. (Do I actually say things like that?) The real flaw with Tangled, was the marketing campaign, from the commercials it seemed kind of stupid. They should have marketed it as a classic Disney movie, adding in the funny little scenes with Flynn and guitar playing Repunzel. I honestly didn’t even know the movie was a musical until the first song. Maybe they were trying to get a wider audience, I don’t know, but I’m glad I gave it the chance to surprise me. [Side note, who knew Zachary Levi could sing?]

So here’s the gist of it, see Tangled, consider Love and Other Drugs and skip Morning Glory. Take the mothers’ to see Morning Glory (if you must), the girlfriends’ to Love and Other Drugs, lots of nudity and sex BTW. Then gather up the whole kitten kaboodle and go to see Tangled! Who would have thought, the one with the magic hair would end up being the keeper? So there it is, this week’s Movie Madness with me, the Movie Junky, and here’s to you, Tangled, for adding a little sparkle to this otherwise dry week.


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