Easy A

For starters I’m not going to tell you what the movie is about. I’m not here to tell you what the movie is about, if you want that go read some other review or just go read the IMDB bio like everyone else. What I am here to tell you is weather or not this movie is worth the oh-so-pricey price that is a movie ticket. [Survey says: Yes.] I am here to tell you what I thought of the film, and what I think you should think of the film. Oh wait; I’m not actually supposed to say that out loud am I? Well there it is, that’s what all movie critics think in the back of their head that’s what all review readers are really looking for (myself included) Actually I don’t consider myself a critic, so go ahead and take this all with a grain of salt, you have no reason not to.

Anyway, that’s besides the point, you’re here, so it’s time to listen, or just read. The most important thing to get out of this movie is that Easy A’s leading lady, Emma Stone, is a star. She completely carried the movie. I was actually surprised at how small of a part Penn Badgley & Dan Byrd actually played. Not that it’s a big deal or anything, director Will Gluck actually did a pretty nifty job giving a little color to the genre. (Especially considering he only has one other feature film under his belt.) Anyway this really is Emma Stone’s movie, and she owns it. Penn Badgley was there too, being cute and charming, which is really all he was there for. Amanda Bynes was good, as always, but I’m kind of annoyed by her now after that whole, retiring, un-retiring crap. (I also think she was a little misscast in the role. Her style didn’t really seem to fit the character) Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson played Emma Stone’s (Olive) parents, and they are just about the greatest parents ever. Honestly I spent half of the movie wishing that I lived in that house, even as the weird cousin who everyone secretly wishes would just get over her problems and leave. They were both, witty and charming and a rarity in high school movies, actually helpful. One of those things that can sometimes get to me with this genre is how different fictional parents are to their fictional children. Well or course none of use want to admit how alike we apples are to our trees, but we all know it’s true. In this case screenwriter Bert V. Royal, (writer of the one-act Peanuts Gang spoof play Dog Sees God) created characters that actually seemed like they’d been living together for 17 years. Although that could have just been good acting, who’s to know. The point being, I could actually see Olive being Rosemary and Dill’s daughter (not physically of course, but that’s another story we’re not going to get into.) Also something that normally bothers me with these movies is age. Most of the time the people playing teenagers are well into their 20’s, and although that is true here, I didn’t really notice. Nowadays the content of these teenage shows and movies is so graphic that they have no choice but to cast someone who is over 18 and then some. For being a movie all about teenage hook-ups (or at least the rumors of hooking up) there is no sex, barely even kissing.

Easy A is like the Scarlet Letter Juno style, meets a John Hudges movie, Mean Girls style. (If that actually makes any sense) It is a fun-funny, smart, self-aware comedy, which even throws in a little life-lesson for the road. It’s a great film for just about anyone, so as long as you don’t mind the sex talk and innuendo you could even take your parents. Here’s what we’ve learned, Emma Stone is (rightfully so) the next big thing, Stanley Tucci deserves some kind of award for something at some point, Will Gluck should make this genre his thing and Bert V. Royal should too.

Easy A, gets an easy B in this week’s Movie Madness with the Movie Junky.
[I just made that up on the spot, I don’t know if I’m actually going to stick with it. I think I watch too many video reviews or something]


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3 Responses to Easy A

  1. Mystery Man says:

    Great review! I’m going to watch this tonight. Hopefully I’ll have tj same favorable opinion…or not…lol

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